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One Secret--Devastating consequences.

Jack Elliot isn't an ex-cop or marine. He doesn't know martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, or even how to fight. He's just a journalist from Montreal returning home to NYC to pay respect to a dying uncle.

An uncle with a secret.

It isn't long before Jack is twisted into a plot so thick with murder, mystery, and deceit that he's racing just as hard to save his life as he is to find the truth.

If you like fast-paced action thrillers twisted with mystery and hidden truth like novels by Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and

James Rollins, then you'll love the first installment in Dean Kutzler's Jack Elliot series.

Kahari: Th Scarab Reign Book 1

of a real, verifiable source has been left for proof. Was this a mistake on Vatican Church's behalf? Or, were the camera crew taping in secrecy?

In this action-packed, short story thriller, Jack, and Calvin chase one of the Bene Elohim's agents through the Metropolitan Museum of Art during a private event for New York City's social elitists. He's just stolen a Nkisi doll from the African art collection that supposedly contains vital information about the Pope's box. Jack and Calvin need to capture the dangerous agent before the world is put at risk, once more!

Kahari: Th Scarab Reign Book 1

There's a secret about the Son of God most won't believe?

Jack Elliot is back in another harrowing adventure, and this time he's taking his partner, Calvin along for the ride. Neither is qualified to do the dangerous work Jack has set out to do, but that doesn't stop them from taking on the mission.

Deep in the heart of the Congo, a dangerous artifact was hidden a long time ago.

One that is said to wield the power of resurrection.

As they seek out an old man living somewhere along the Congo River that supposedly knows about the artifact, a

mysterious boy abducts Jack behind Calvin's back. With a machete in each hand and only a direction to follow, he runs off chopping his way through the jungle! The mission heats up when they learn the artifact is linked to a secret from the beginning days of the church. If uncovered, the veil of hope protecting humanity will be torn down. If it exists, it cannot fall into the wrong hands.The Harrowing of Hell, the second book in The Jack Elliot Thriller Series, is sure to deliver fast-paced, thrilling action, and adventure with a strong sense of mystery. Readers of Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Clive Cussler are sure to love this series!

Kahari: Th Scarab Reign Book 1
Jack Elliot Thrillers

The Bestselling Jack Elliot Thriller series is fiction laced with fact-based truths that have eluded mainstream media and woven into thrilling tales involving the recovery of dangerous, ancient artifacts.

Jack, a journalist, living in Montreal, Canada rushed home to Manhattan to say goodbye to his dying uncle one last time. What at first seemed like his uncle's unfortunate heart attack soon turned into a race for Jack's life and DNA...

Join the adventure as Jack, and his partner, Calvin build a team of experts to go up against the deadly organization, the Bene Elohim. If you like twists and turns in your books, then the Jack Elliot Thriller series is for you!


The Mysterious Pope's Box his eyes only!—What's Inside? But, Why Can't We See?

Long ago, Vatican Church allowed American reporters to televise the papal election known as the conclave. They were allowed everywhere except behind the closed doors of the official meeting room where the actual papal election process took place. Once the new Pope was chosen, a camera crew shot live footage of him being given a box, where he is allowed to look inside as the commentator whispered into the microphone. During the taping, he only looked for a short time. The content of the box is only privy to his eyes and his alone.

Today, all existence of this box has been erased from the public's eye except for a few conspiracy blog pages. Nothing

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