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I went looking for a respectful 911 meme to post, as I often do to pay my respects for a veteran remembrance, tragedy, or holiday, even. When I have the time, I make my own, but I'm swamped writing new series & creating artwork for the covers.

When I googled 911 meme, I was overwhelmed with sadness at all the inhuman, thoughtless ignorance out there. I won't dignify any one of the creators of those memes with a recounting of what they posted. But I just wanted to remind each and everyone who created one of those memes that people died, horrifically, in the tragedy of 911.

Imagine yourself as one of those people, stuck in an office in one of those tall buildings. A loud explosion shakes the desks and people around you, and suddenly the ceiling and walls collapse. Girders push up through the concrete, lancing your body in half, or trapping you beneath the debris. All the bones in your body crush as the floors above endlessly make their descent to the streets below.

If you were one of the lucky that survived. You worry later on about dying from cancer since you inhaled so many harmful chemicals in the debris as you waited for rescuers who tirelessly fought to unearth you and save your life.

Next time you think it's a good idea to create an uncaring, senseless meme about a tragedy, please think of this post. Find the humanity with which you were born and respect the very people you plan to mock.

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