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Saren Thorn goes up against the mysterious alien race called the Scarab. They've taken universal power away and are enslaving our people!

Kahari: The Scarab Reign Book 1

Power across the known universe vanished.

Billions of galaxies left in the dark, crippling worlds—forcing people to fight for survival. No one knew why or how.

Then the answer came: The Scarab.

A mysterious alien race with technology and power unseen ended the way of life for countless beings. Now they’ve come and taken over the federation (UFWA) to instill a new supremacy over the universe, selling power to worlds that can afford it.

The price?


A quota of humans must be met if the lights are to stay on. The Scarab need workers to mine gold. Why? No one had the courage to ask or go up against the Scarab—until Saren Thorn, Commander of the warship Avenger, made a stand.

She had a plan, and it was simple.

They took it all away—she’ll take it all back.

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