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Book Update (And Health)

Today I have a delicate topic for me to discuss. I've never been one to share my health problems on social media or publicly because I feel that when people do, it is only for sympathy and that certainly isn't what I want. By all means, if you do this, please do not take offense because I absolutely do not mean any.

We all have our reasons for the things we do and garnering sympathy in order to make yourself feel better, isn't a bad thing. I'm not judging here - nor will I ever. The power of community love and support is a tremendous and wondrous healing thing. I'm certainly not opposed to that. In fact, I call it good karma. Put forth in abundance, and you will receive it back in kind - but only if your heart is sincere and honest.

I released Kahari and Erebus in September. Things were going really well. My production schedule was buzzing along--late--(but aren't I always?)

Then this thing happened.

Let me give you a little background since I'm outing myself. You may as well have the full story. I promise to make it as short as possible (*insert eye-roll). Since I decided to write full-time in 2012 things changed–some for the better, and some for the worse.

I became stagnant. Not as bad as you think because I came from an office job, so it wasn't like I was running marathons. Thanks to my father's genetics (which were really good stock except for...) his atrial fibrillation. You can read up about it if you like through that link, but what it basically is, is that the electricity to my heart is screwed up. I may have had it during my younger years but never noticed. Now as I'm getting (*insert cough) older, it's catching up to me. Some triggers can cause it; working too hard, stress, being in the heat, etc. Or they can just come on at any old time. The old warp engine will be purring along fine and then all of a sudden it's up to factor 10. It's like sitting still and then doing aerobics without leaving the chair or reaping the benefits. It fluctuates--So, it'll drop back down to normal. For a realistic example: 72 BPM (beats per minute) to 145 BPM to 65 BPM, etc.

We discovered this in 2015 where I had what's called an ablation–seven hours of surgery (OH MY GOODNESS MY BACK WHEN I CAME OUT OF ANESTHESIA) where they literally zapped the areas in my heart that were misfiring. I was put on lifetime meds (joy-joy) that keep me safe and was told I'd probably have to have it done again at some point.